Long Latex Dress

Bella Rubber is an Australian latex business based in Melbourne and Sydney offering a selection of services related to how to make your own latex garments. Bella Rubber is the only place in Australia to sell latex sheeting and offers latex repairs and workshops on how to make latex clothing and accessories.

Over the years Bella Rubber has been known for its design of latex apparel and accessories, catering to all genders and worn for a variety of occasions.

Distinctive and unique, Bella Rubber added a touch of elegance and style to the fashion scene in Australia. Sadly though due to health reasons the Bespoke service is no longer offered until further notice.

However Bella Rubber is encouraging admirers to be creative with colour and supporting DIY latex by introducing a new appreciation to designer to make their own latex creations.

Originally Founded by Carmela and Electra as a hobby in 2007, designing custom made apparel; Bella Rubber bloomed into a full time business in April 2009, offering a vast selection of latex services.  Mid 2011 Bella Rubber took a step back to being a hobby again and is now run as family hobby.

Bella Rubber is now owned and operated by a daughter and Mother team. Vivienne, Electra’s Mother who now handles most of the orders in Melbourne and Electra still offers one on one workshops and repairs in Sydney.

Drawing on her strong educational background in art, design and fashion, Electra is influenced by and experienced in the UK, European and Australian latex scene.

Electra and Vivienne’s comprehensive understanding, knowledge and skills of latex gives the Bella Rubber label a leading edge in latex services within Australia.