Many people have shared with me their story as I have with them to get the Bella Rubber story to this stage and with love, rubber hugs and gratitude I thank you all.

There are a handful of people who I feel obliged to mention and starting off at the beginning my first Thank you.

Bella Rubber bloomed from an idea that started with my dearest friend Carmela after an evening of latex perversion and fun at one of Melbourne’s latex parties.
Thank you Carmela for planting the seed and your Family for the support, encouragement and yummy food during the early stages.

Once the seed was planted our search begun, a very special thank you goes to Robbin for the initial teaching of the how to, that got us on our way.

To all my Visual Merchandiser teachers: from Swinburne, for dedicating your time and sharing your knowledge and skills to teaching me the ins and outs of VM.
Every thing I was taught, I have used in this business many times over and will continue to do so.

Phil and Jana for putting their trust into us to make what was our first custom order.

Many many thank yous go to all the talented Photographers who have snapped away and produced the great images of the Bella Rubber designs. Particular thanks goes to Srdjan & Peter. You guys ROCK!

All the fabulous models for striking a pose or strutting down the aisle. Mary, Anne, Donna, Cam, Deborah, Jana, Pip, Ambrosia, Teer, Laura and Snake.

Our Original web designer Simon for the first flash website.

Naomi: for her hair and make up skills that she put into action for the Circa Nocturna 2008 fashion show.

Diane my kinesiology practitioner, who has calmed the storm, cleared the channels and balanced my body, mind and soul.

Tracey: who spoons all the knots out of my shoulders after hours of cutting and gluing.

Suri for lending a hand in the studio. I look forward to making many more accessories and apparel with you in years to come.

Everyone of Bella Rubber customers past, present and future.

And my last few thank yous go to four people who have played a major roll in helping build Bella Rubber.

Fifi my dear maid, your cleaning duties may be haphazard however your undivided attention, love and admiration to your Mistress are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Scott my current web designer who designed my second website and this new one. You have been amazing! Words can’t describe how grateful I am to all the blood sweat and tears you have devoted to researching, designing and developing the Bella Rubber’s web site’s. Thank you for a harmonious story so far.

My last thank you and love goes to the two most important people who gave me my own life story. My loving mother & father. It’s with their unconditional love, encouragement, pet talk’s, advice, and continued support that have made me the woman I am today. The woman behind the story of Bella Rubber and all is glory of shinny colourful latex.

Thank you.